Jumaat, 16 September 2016

What will you react when your fav artist/youtuber/viner etc followed your IG and called you?

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 'What will you react when your fav artist/youtuber/viner etc follow your IG and called you?'Yeah today's title are longer than others perfff~

Actually I recently in love with one Youtuber, Rebal D. Yeah I think he's still new Youtuber. He's so fucking handsome tho hahaha~  Okay lemme 'umbrella' his photo...

*he's so cute XD*

How I know about him? Kay lemme refresh about it. Hah, okay! Do you know about a prank called 'Pranking my ex/crush/bully/friends with lyric song'? And he did it. One of his video prank getting viral and the viewer now are 887,435. Heol, and I like him because of his personality. He's such a humble and caring person. There are a few video about he called his fans and even pranking them XD

Okay straight to the point, I tagged him on my selfie with my mum. Yeah as a fan, that's so common to tag your bias celebs in your photo. And I always 'stalk' him hahaha like see all the comments on his recent photo. Here is his IG n Youtube

And I rarely comment his photo, but I do like it. And the night before Eid Mubarak, he really suprised me. Guess what? He called me on snapchat!...Arghh I pick up and have a long conversation with him~ ah, his voice are precious. He do ask me...

'what are you doing?'
'what's your name?'
'where are you from?'
'how old are you?'
 *and other common question*

I still remember that we had a conversation on the phone about almost 30 minutes XD...he's even said that I'm the longest fan that he have called hahaha *fluttered* (He's even otp with my mother who atm she's beside me)

Atm, I feel like I do respect him because he's always keep in touch with his fans. Not only called me, he's even dm me on IG. I do not even suprised since he also dm his other fans~ I still remeber when he ask...

'What's the exact time in Malaysia right now?'
-Ohh it's about 11.30pm and I wanna sleep right now. Tomorrow is Eid Mubarak so it must be busy day. I want to get enough sleep *emoji smile*-

'Haha it's opposite time in USA now. Okay sweetie take care'

Ngeh ngeh sweetie~

and the next day, I tagged him on my IG and daaa....he followed me after that *omgomgomgomg*
hahahahah I feel very happy tho! this is so insane! kay I'm a lucky fan eva~

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  1. I'm gonna die of happiness if Remy Ishak do call or text me,hahaha. Nevermind, it'll never happen. >.<

  2. omg Remy XD....don't worry maybe soon~