Ahad, 18 September 2016

Beauty Box Giveaway by Sally Samsaiman

*klik banner untuk join*

It has been a quiet long time juga tak join mana-mana giveaway ni. rindu~ uhuks! Jadi, giveaway ni adalah a very first giveaway Ira join sebab Ira tertarik dengan perkataan Beauty tu...yeppi!

Yang buat lagi menarik tu die offer lagi apa yang kita suka, wishlist dengan yang kita pakai...*tepuk tangan girang* Cepat join nanti terlambat pula~

Dah nama pun 'beauty box'. So, memang beruntunglah Ira yang dapat~ Eh yoyoo je XD...Dapat ke tak belakang cerita tapi yang penting kita enjoy dapat join dan bw ke blog orang lain :)...Tapi apa-apa pun, doakan Ira juga Aamiin~

Actually Ira ada scroll one product ni, Namanya Shills Acne Purifying Peel Off Black Mask. It'll be such a precious moment kalau Ira dapat *sob sob*...

So guys, wish me luck and all the best :D

Jumaat, 16 September 2016

What will you react when your fav artist/youtuber/viner etc followed your IG and called you?

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 'What will you react when your fav artist/youtuber/viner etc follow your IG and called you?'Yeah today's title are longer than others perfff~

Actually I recently in love with one Youtuber, Rebal D. Yeah I think he's still new Youtuber. He's so fucking handsome tho hahaha~  Okay lemme 'umbrella' his photo...

*he's so cute XD*

How I know about him? Kay lemme refresh about it. Hah, okay! Do you know about a prank called 'Pranking my ex/crush/bully/friends with lyric song'? And he did it. One of his video prank getting viral and the viewer now are 887,435. Heol, and I like him because of his personality. He's such a humble and caring person. There are a few video about he called his fans and even pranking them XD

Okay straight to the point, I tagged him on my selfie with my mum. Yeah as a fan, that's so common to tag your bias celebs in your photo. And I always 'stalk' him hahaha like see all the comments on his recent photo. Here is his IG n Youtube

Khamis, 15 September 2016


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❤ It's been one whole year since they've debuted as iKON! I honestly can't believe how far they've come.
So, I wrote this for you my boys~

Not a long time ago, there was a group of boys who have to battle with their older brothers in order to make a debut as a singer. After 5 months of breathlessness, they failed to become a winner. But that's not gonna make them give up. Their brotherhood has become closer. Hatred will never control themselves.

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The young leader, Kim Hanbin or best known as BI. He is born on 22th October 1996. Become YG trainee since 13 years old, he is never tired of trying. Every night, he works really hard to become a songwriter. Papers and pen have become his close friends. Spending his night writing songs. Was known as the most fierce among his members. Elders once said to me, a fierce and charismatic leader will create an amazing team. Well, elders are always right. He has made the most amazing team I've ever known. BI is not just a leader that bring 6 souls in his shoulder, he's also a loving son and brother. He has gorgeous mother and a little beautiful sister, Hanbyul. He never said this, but those female are his angels that he'll never wanna lose them. He have made a lots of hit song (like all the songs in my blog playlist right now).

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Kim Jinhwan, the eldest members of the group was a very responsible guy. Was born on 7th February 1994 and he is iKON's 'fake' maknae (youngest). He deserves to be respect as a brother. Always putting other before him. He tried really hard to not make his brothers sad and being hurt. Because it would hurt himself. He's always want to do his very best to satisfy everyone. Even tough he has small body but he does have a big pure heart. He hates it when his brother are fighting over something. It makes him failed as a big brother. Once cried because of something that he shouldn't be blame on.

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Kim Jiwon or Bobby is the king of rapper, looks hot outside but actually is a baby. Born on 21th December 1995. A cheerful guy that you can always depends on. Hard to show his tears infront of others. Making people in a good mood was his job until now. He has to separate with his family (USA) to pursue his dream. He promised his mother to buy a new house for them to live. Always comforting his brothers and making them feel good again. Taking care of the members and also his fan. He'll make sure that people around him are feeling good. He would be verry worried if someone he loves are being hurt.

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Song Yunhyeong, a great son and hyung. Born on 8 February 1995. Came to YG to be an actor, but end up become part of iKON. Always helping his family at the restaurant when he has a free time. Well. it's more to his break time. He is very close with his cousin and his cousin is a Muslim. He has a very sensitive heart. He once felt like to give up but thanks to his members, he managed to stand up again. He's also cheerful guy who would do anything to make people around him feel happy. He is the happy virus. Without him, the whole world will be dark. He brings rainbow in our life. 

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Kim Donghyuk, an obedient son, excellent student, dancing machine and has a beautiful voice. Born on 3rd January 1997. Lost his beloved father when he was only 8 years old. But he's not type who easily to give up. He climbed the mountain of sorrow and became a great handsome guy. He was known as an angelic boy due to his kind personality. His kindness has attract YG's daughter attention and become his fans XD. He's the guy who willingly to help BI for the choreography and yet he's been mistaken for clinging with BI too much. Those hatred that people threw to him have made him become more mature and finally he shut them up with his career as a succesful singer.

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Former maknae but always act like he's the older, Goo Junhoe/hwe. He was born on 31th March 1997. He has a deep husky yet harmony voice. He may seems like an arrogant guy, but he's actually a sweet and cute guy. Its just that he doesn't know how to talk with other people. Yeah, iKONICs called him 'king of sass'. Once cried because he thought that he's the reason why Yunhyeong got eliminated by YG. He can't bear seeing people get hurt because of him. Junhoe loves his fans so much that he likes to being close with them.

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Maknae but a senior in this industry, Jung Chanwoo. Was born on 26th January 1998. He was an actor (famous after Boys Over Flower and The Heirs as young Lee Minho) before became a trainee in YG. Just like Yunhyeong, he's came to YG to be an actor. He joined the team a bit late but the members are very kind to help him getting use with the situation. He has a kind personality that make people like him. He respect the brothers and would do anything for them. Thanks to Chanwoo, now the team has completed.

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iKON made their debut on 15th September 2015 with a song named My Type. They won a lots of awards including The Best New Male Artist Award at MAMA 2015. They've achieved their dream.

Happy #1KONNIVERSARY my boys~

Lovely iKONIC, Ira ✨💜

Jumaat, 9 September 2016


*nak jugak gambar dia tengah tu~*

Hye...sebenarnya tak update sebab tak tau nak update pasal apa XD... I currently hooked up with one new song called Body by Mino Winner...gosh,,,so 18xxxx but it makes me addicted with the beat~ Heol, just nak ingatkan dengar lagu ni jangan tengok mv hahaha XD. Ira sendiri tak tahu kenapa Ira suka lagu yang genre dia jenis gini (lyrics tak payah cakap, memang so b*tch) ~ Nah ni list lagu yang 'adult pop' yang Ira suka~